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VIDEOS | Simone Elkeles
Brittany Ellis played by Morgan McDevitt
Alex Fuentes played by Gino Marconi
also starring:
Behzad Dabu
Simone Elkeles
Rosa Frausto
Zachary Gray
Ashley Honore
Jackson Schultz
Carrie Weiss
Brynn Wurtz
Creative Team:
Written, Directed, Edited
Chris LoDuca
LoDuca Creative and Production
Contributive Writers
Simone Elkeles
A.D. Carson
Audio Engineering and Lighting
Derek Fredrickson
Twisted Media
Hip Hop Beat
Tristan Giallani


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to download the mp3 Perfect Chemistry
song to your computer or iPod.
    • Gabriel Chavarria as Luis Fuentes
    • Krislian Rodriguez as Nikki Cruz
    • Alexander F. Rodriguez as Alex Fuentes
    • Giancarlo Vidrio as Carlos Fuentes
    • Amy Rapp as Kiara Westford
    • Ashlee Fox as Brittany Ellis-Fuentes
Directed by Pete Jones.
Dean Bushala as DP.
      • Giancarlo Vidrio
      • Alexander F. Rodriguez
      • Catesby Bernstein
      • Kristian Steel
      • Julianna Barninger
      • Ruth Kaufman


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Chain Reaction – Book Trailer
Rules of Attraction – Book Trailer
How to Ruin Your Boyfriend’s Reputation – Book Trailer
Perfect Chemistry – Uncut Version
Perfect Chemistry – G-Rated Version
Perfect Chemistry – The Making Of
Leaving Paradise – Book Trailer
How to Ruin a Summer Vacation – Book Trailer
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