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Reality TV: My Favorites and Not-So-Favorites! | Simone Elkeles

Reality TV: My Favorites and Not-So-Favorites!

In a lot of the interviews I do, I get asked “what’s your guilty pleasure?”  My answer is always the same…reality TV!  I love it!  I know it’s not “reality,” but I still love the way those shows make you feel like you’re seeing the secret side of someone’s life and watching it all like a fly on the wall.  Here are some of my favorites and not-so-favorites.

Shows I Love:


Yes, I still watch it.  I’m obsessed with it, even though the past few seasons have been less than stellar.  Thank goodness they did away with Redemption Island- that was the stupidest idea.  They are loooooooooong overdue for a celebrity version.  I was super excited to meet Ozzy last year and went all fangirl on him.  He was as adorable in person as on the show, and super sweet to boot.  I think he’s single….too bad I’m not! J

Simone and Ozzy from Survivor

Me and Ozzy from Survivor

Storage Wars:

I only like the original one, with characters who are as adorable as they are quirky – like my own family members.  My relationship with my husband is like Brandi and Jared.  I’d love to set up Barry with my mom, although I think even at his age he’s a player. Darryl is funny and Dave is a great villain.  Even though I heard this show is fake, like every reality TV show, I am always entertained.


Pawn Stars:

I seriously learn a lot about history on Pawn Stars.  With Chumlee, the Old Man, Rick and Corey, you have a great set of characters (the only thing missing are the women in their lives!)  I love watching them bring in their “experts” like the curator of the Clark County Museum, Mark Hall-Patton.  I was at a book signing in Las Vegas and actually met Mark.  He was so sweet in person!


Simone and Mark Hall-Patton from Pawn Stars

Me and Mark Hall-Patton from Pawn Stars


Shows I Hate:


The Bachelor:

I used to watch this show, until it felt fake and contrived.  When I realized that almost all of the couples break up even before the episodes even air, I was disgusted.  Love and making a commitment to someone is not a joke.  I would know…I write romance!!

Finding Bigfoot:

Seriously?  My kids watch this stupid, worthless show.  I will tell you right now with 100% certainty that Bigfoot will not be found.  I tell my kids this every time they turn on this waste of time, and they still watch it thinking that the people on the show will suddenly videotape the big guy.  P.S.  It’ll never happen!


I’m waiting for:


Real World/Road Rules Challenge

I’m not a fan of The Real World anymore.  I used to love it, but then it got to be the same old, same old.  I miss Road Rules, but I don’t think is ever coming back.  It was a great show, with great contestants.  And when there was a sweet romance like CT and Diem, my romantic side would root for them!


Please tell me I’m not alone in my obsession with reality TV!?  What are some of the reality shows you love (or hate)?

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