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5 Chances to Win a Copy of Chain Reaction with the New Cover! | Simone Elkeles

5 Chances to Win a Copy of Chain Reaction with the New Cover!

Okay, so even though I’ve been completely swamped with writing the first book in my new series, (sneak peak details here) I don’t want to forget to tell you that the Chain Reaction Paperback is going to be released THIS MONTH!  On October 30, you will be able to purchase paperback copies of Chain Reaction with this incredible new cover.


That picture of Gabriel Chavarria and Krislian Rodriguez is directly from the Chain Reaction book trailer.  When my publisher told me they wanted to use Gabriel and Krislian on the cover of the Chain Reaction paperback, I was THRILLED!  Filming the book trailer for Chain Reaction was an amazing experience!  (If you don’t believe me, you can check out the outtakes and after party videos on my YouTube Channel.)  Now, every time I see the new Chain Reaction cover, it brings back great memories from our day of shooting.

In honor of the release of the new cover, I’m doing a 5 BOOK GIVEAWAY that starts right….NOW!  For the next 24 hours, you have 5 ways to win an autographed copy of Chain Reaction with the NEW COVER:

1)   Blog:  Leave a comment on this post about why you love the Fuentes brothers! (Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away, I have to approve them.)

2)   Simone Elkeles Facebook Page:  Tag me in a post or picture on your own page.  (I know I’m at the 5,000 person friend limit, so if you aren’t my “friend” on this page, don’t worry, there are still 4 other ways to win!)

3)   Simone Elkeles Fan Page:  Post a comment on the page about why you love the Fuentes brothers!

4)   Perfect Chemistry, by Simone Elkeles Facebook Page:  Post a comment on the page about why you love the Fuentes brothers!

5)   Twitter: Tweet #WinChainReaction

One lucky winner from each listed above will be announced tomorrow (Friday, October 5, 2012 at 8:00 AM Central).  GOOD LUCK!

As always, thanks for your support!




Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in this contest!  It’s always amazing and surreal to see my fans supporting me!  Thank you!


To take the pressure off, I used a random number generator to choose the winners for me…


BLOG:  Sonia Pope
FACEBOOK PERSONAL PAGE:  Mily González Alpízar
FACEBOOK FAN PAGE:  Maria Perez-Chavez
TWITTER:  Rachel Silberman


To claim your prize, please email my assistant  Thanks again to everyone who entered!

133 Responses to 5 Chances to Win a Copy of Chain Reaction with the New Cover!

  1. Ann-Marie says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because of their brotherhood. They’re dedicated to each other, and even though they go through their struggles, they always come out of them closer and more tightly knit. It reminds me a lot of the relationship between my siblings and I. The brothers all know that regardless of what happens or the distance that separates them, they have family who they can depend on. On top of that, they’re great characters and I absolutely adore their development and the way they fight against what society says is their destiny in order to pave a new future for themselves and the rest of their family members.

  2. Jessica says:

    Hmmm what do I love about the Fuentes brothers? They’re all so sweet and are willing to do anything for their girls 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway! I love the new cover!!

  3. Sherriah says:

    The Fuentes brothers are the perfect examples of the type of guys I like! Smart, witty, and hooooot.

  4. Vidhi says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers as they are all individually unique characters. Each brother holds characteristics of an ideal boy, who comes with negatives but also better positives. They are all sexy, caring, and devoted to their girlfriends with the danger streak in them. I love them and they are the best book characters created and would love for them to be real <3

  5. Michelle R. says:

    LOVE the Fuentes brothers b/c of the way they hook my teen readers, especially the reluctant readers :-)!

  6. Nora says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they are just beautiful!! They make me believe in real love an they make me believe that there is maybe somewhere in the world one boy who will love me as much as they love Brittany, Kiara an Nikki! The Fuentes brothers are funny nice and brave and it is just awesome how much they love their family!! I wish that I will find someday one boy who is like them, but I don’t think somoene really can be as awesome as they are!!

  7. Alexis Diaz says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because even though they are macho and tough, they would do anything to defend someone they love. That includes their mother, girlfriends, friends and each other. They do not try to be stuck up rich people just to get their girlfriends to like them, the girls fall for them because they try and be the best person they can be while still taking pride in being a Mexicano. This is why I l

  8. Sára Gülshan says:

    I love the brothers because their attitude and view on life! And they can evolve anf grow!

  9. riana says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they are so hot, kind and always care for their fam especially their mom, and always fight for fam….. I love them…..

  10. Helene says:

    The reason why i love the fuentes brothers is that they are bad boys and really sweet at the same time. Carlos must be my favorite cause he falls in love with normal girl with confidence problems. Alex and Louis falls in love with really pretty girls, but Kiara is just normal. And the way Carlos treats her little brother is just so cute!! I love all of the fuentes brothers so much and that’s because they represent what every girl wants in a guy. A guy who only wants you and who treats you like a princess. To read your books is like living their life, i am so glad you wrote them. You are an amazing writer!!! (Sorry if my english is bad….)

  11. Erika says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they look out for eachother. Each has dificulties in life, but they all want to make it better for one another.They love with their whole hearts! I also love how they want to protect the girls they love. The brothers made me believe that love can live, even if it is not under perfect conditions.

  12. Pavan says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they are sweet, sexy and oh so charming 😉 but most of all because they are all genuinely good guys who care about the ones they love. Knowing this and the fact that I knew that they got their love after all the hard crap got me through so many tough times. These are my go to books, these brothers have helped me more than anyone could ever know.

  13. maria says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because first of all they’re so hot in the book previews. They’re always protecting each other their mom and girlfriends included. They’re so cute when they tease and flirt with the girls. They’re amazing!

  14. Darleen says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because no matter what – their family always comes first. They take such good care of each other and live like: “We’re in the together”. Which is absolutely great. Also, though in the beginning of a growing relationship they might be a little scared of their feelings, later they are sure about them and would tell the whole world. They aren’t ashamed of it one bit. They love their girlfriends so much, even if they had flings before, or even if they told themselves to never love a woman that much. They are the bad boys on the outside, but such loving persons on the inside. Makes you (want to) believe there are guys like that in the real world.
    You can’t help but love them. You just have to.

  15. Tasnim says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they’re bad boys, and everyone loves one of those 😉

  16. Megan says:

    I like the Fuentes brothers because the funny there loyal to there family and if one brother is in trouble they stick together and figure out how to get out of it together

  17. Marika says:

    I just love the fuentes cuase they all like bad and exsitet and sexy and wild : i love fantasing about them ! 😀

  18. Adriana Noriega says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because all 3 are irriasistable spaninsh bad boys and they are loyal to their woman and each other

  19. Lislaine says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because each of them is so unique. It’s like they might think they’re bad****s but right in the bottom of their hearts they know there’s always a chance for everyone in the world. And even though they might get in trouble sometimes and people may not believe them, they’re so honest and have true feelings that the truth always come to life.

  20. Camilla says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because how you gice them charachter. I love how you describe those boys. They may be and act different, but inside of them always have them on their right place. Familybond, love and love for each other. It reminds me of how often me and my littlesister argue or fight, we know that deep inside we really love each other. We always have each other backs, like the Fuentes brothers. If one fight, every one fight. That’s how love and family bind them together. I remember the first time I saw the first book, I got hooked. I read it all in one day. When I was finished, I read again only this time I flip through pages until I found my favourites. I did that very often. I saw the second book in store and I were so happy. It was in norwegian though, stupid me, should have bought it in english because I didn’t get the same feeling like the first book gave me. I still loved it, but the first book remains my favourite even though I read the second from time to time. I really hope you can send this book to me who lives in Norway! I would love that so much! <3

  21. Jessica R says:

    the fuentes brothers are the definition of sexy. they have this ambiance about them that when you read their stories, all you want to do is read more. you first get pulled in by their bad boy ways, their all players, have never really settled down and all the girls want them. they all know it, which is why they are so cocky about their looks, but then when they meet the right girl, thats it their sold and off the market. and thats probably the main reason why i love them, that their stories show that it only takes 1 girl to change a man and his ways completely.

  22. Jazmin says:

    The Fuentes brothers are a loving type of family so no matter
    what happens they’ll always have each others back. They are an
    ideal example of how you can break the ice of all different types of stereotypes
    that come their way yet never forget their own roots of who they really are
    at heart, Mexicans and proud to be one too. Not only that, but these amazing
    brothers manage to overcome through difficult struggles but never give up. They are
    true inspiration that anyone, no matter who you are, can make a difference and its never too late to turn your life around..

  23. Katherine says:

    Those three amazing brothers are what every girl would wish for…They seem tough if you don’t know them well, but their heart is sweeter than candy… They LOVE their family very much and they would do ANYTHING -everything!- in the world to protect their GIRLS…
    Funny,handsome,sweet,protective…What more would a girl ask for?
    I think everybody will agree with me if they just read those three books….<3

  24. Lydia Moreno says:

    I love the Fuentes Brothers Because they are the typical bad boys that everyone fears but inside they are big soft teddy bears. They are Strong, Brave , and have a Strong Sense of Family. That is why I love the Boys also they make laugh, cry and sentimental all in one read.

  25. Margay says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they’re sexy as hell and yet always look out for each other. I love their bond and commitment to each other.

  26. Lena says:


    I love the Fuentes brothers because they’re uber sexy and muy caliente. RAWR! Plus, what girl doesn’t love the bad boy turned good?

  27. Sabrina says:

    I freaking love these books because they reminds me of a love that I wasn’t suppose to have 🙂 I couldn’t pure ny of these books down thank u for making books that I can relate to I almost delay as if u were living in the bookzs just spying on pples lives

  28. Josie Knipping says:

    I love the Fuentes-brothers because I feel what they feel. Especially when I was young. I’ve been in places like them. And I totally understand them. I was in a kind of same situation as them (I mean the danger). And no one will understand their culture and choices like I do.
    I know how it is to protect your family to the world outside.
    That’s, I think, mostely why I feel so right to have a book like that.

  29. lyan mora says:

    I LOVE the fuente brothers because they are so tough, but when they find the right girl they fight for her.
    They are so cute.

  30. Amy says:

    Umm… I can’t think of a reason NOT to love them. Beautiful, strong, loyal boys. What more could I want? 🙂

  31. Dylanie Zingaro says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because I’ve never read a book that focuses so much on the relationship brothers can have.I feel like stories are always about just adventure or romance when their teen novels. The Fuentes brothers push boundaries together and overcome great opiticals thats what makes them great brothers to read about.

  32. Lisa Sanchez says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they provided an avenue for me to communicate with my daughter. I picked up all three books in the series at RWA National, and after reading them, gave them to my daughter to read. She’s a college freshman and super busy, but these books provided a great opportunity for us to connect and talk about something, or rather, three certain someones we loved: Alex, Carlos, and Luis. Great series!!!

  33. Mikenzie Meyers says:

    Each one of the Fuentes brothers pulls you into their story and makes you fall in love with them. Alex is sexy, mean, sarcastic, loyal and strong. Carlos is cocky, hot, sarcastic, protective, loyal, and sweet, not into surface appearances. Luis was sweet, naive, and ok with being the good boy. I loved how he changed and went dark so perfectly. He was intense. And hot 🙂 . They all gave definition to family loyalty, and love. I could read these over and over and i probably will.

  34. Faith Dolot says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they proved that even the toughest bad boys have the softest hearts. <3 And because they're hot and sexy and their love stories made me cry and laugh and fall in love all over again. 🙂 ♥

  35. Cynthia says:

    The reason I love the fuentes brothers is because the book was real to me. Where I live people actually go through the obstacles that each of them have been going through. They are tough hard people but in the inside they are the sweetest people and would go through anything to protect the one person they love. Many people read these books just because its wow a bad boy that falls in love with the good girl but they also have to see how hard it could be for some teens out in the street and that not all of them are bad. I truely saw this in the trilogy and that why I love them so much

  36. Elizabeth says:

    I love bad boys that like to let everyone think bad of them but are actually the sweetest guys.

  37. Rubi Herrera says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because of their tight family bond. I’m not so close to mine except my sister and it’s awesome how these brothers would put their life on the line for family and friends. The way Alex Fuentes changes turns his life around also inspires me and could teach us all a lesson. And Carlos is just hilarious! So is Louis 😉

  38. Lylia says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they’re enchanted me. They give me their feelings, like I would be one of them or I would be with them. I really love their language 🙂

    And last, but not least I fell in love with Carlos, and I really wait the hungarian verison of his book 🙂

    Thank you Simone for writing the stories of these amazing guys!

  39. BritneyW says:

    Awww! Yay! I love the Fuentes brothers. They are all so sweet and well, a little hard to love. But that make them that much more fascinating! Thanks so much for a fabulous giveaway!


  40. Karina Henriquez says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they show power, attitude, confident in the novel they put so much suspense it remind me of my boyfriend attitude I can relate to the relation between the couple’s. From all the stories I hAve read that the only one I fell in love with always read it no matter what the Fuentes brother are the coolest and awesome!

  41. Idha khoudeida says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because no matter what they go through, how angry they get at one another, or how long they haven’t seen each other they always have each others back. To them its family over everything. They love one another so much and would do anything to protect each other. It’s really respectable and honorable the way they stand up for each other. I love them all even though they are fictional characters and don’t actually exist I just feel like I’ve been through they’re experiences with them, both good and bad. 🙂

    • Jessica Khudeida says:

      Hello Idha,
      I come from Lebanon and I was searching for Khudeida’s family in sweden , where r u from originally ?

  42. sydney annatu says:

    I totally agree!
    no matter what happens they always choose what is right for their love ones.
    that’s why I love them <3

  43. Jaimilee C says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers not because they are hot and have tha bad boy thing going on. I love the characters because they remind me how we don’t know peoples story, and we can’t be quick to judge because how they show themselfs to the world. Just like Alex when he wanted the world to see a bad Latino Blood,and all the students from the north side thought he was doing drugs, selling drugs, and spent most his time in jail then out. Its kind of like when Brittany pretended her life was perfect even though it was from perfect. Its true what they say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” just because some people portray themselfs one way doesn’t mean thats who they really are. Alex, Carlos, and Luis are really amazing characters their personality are all different but I still saw how each character are similar in family, and when it comes to the women they love. I love this series! And I have read the series like 100 times. Might I add that the novel that really stuck to me was Chain Reaction because of how much Nikki is like me. When I read the book the first time I wanted to cry at all the intense, heartbreaking scenes for Nikki. Nikki is one my favorite characters.

  44. LuAnn O'Hair says:

    The Perfect Chemistry series is the most checked out series in my room. The girls who read them always recommend them to others. When they give book reports over them, they hook more readers, even the reluctant reader group of boys!

  45. I LOVE the Fuentes Brothers because even though their have been many times where they fought they still always loved each other. They are there for each other through thick and thin! Great family dealing with tough times, but still having each others backs!

  46. Insiya says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because of who they are.. thier attitude and family ties and loyalty.. just makes you instantly love them… their rebellious attitude fused with the intense love.. makes me wish i had my own Fuentes who loved me like that.. 😀

  47. Arianna Acosta says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they are smart, funny, and are complete bad boys; they also have attitude, but in their own way, they are sweet. To them, family comes first, forever and always, just like in my family. It doesn’t matter when, where, why, or how, they are always there for their family and their real friends. They are cute because they fall in love with complete oppisites of themselves. I admire them, because even when given so many obstacles in their life, they always stay true to themselves and end up picking good over evil.

  48. Nikkie says:

    The reason while i loved this series was because not only did the fuentues brothers work hard through their problems they also created a whole new them, for the good. its really funny actually i just reread perfect chemistry this weekend.
    i love this series.
    nechama cohen

  49. Kait Bailer says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers, because of how fearless and loyal they are. Make fun of them, and they’ll just laugh and walk away, make fun of there brothers and you might not be walking for a while. I love that they’re badass enough to survive getting out of a gang, but they’re also sweet enough to fall in love and protect their girls 🙂

    Link to my tweet:

  50. Melika says:

    Hi, before I start I just wanted to tell you what an amazing writer you are and I love all of your books and hope that there will be more soon. And also I live in Sweden so I don’t even know if I can participate or not, but hopefully I can. Why do I love the Fuentes brothers? Wow where do I even begin? Well the bond that they have is so beautiful, no matter what they go through they stick together and take care of each other, after all, family is everything right? They build up this wall so that no one can see who they really are, but instead get this picture of them as bad-boys who don’t care about anything other then getting money fast and easy. But they are actually very kind and funny and all they do is for their family. I love how they treat the girls, how they look out for them, how they tease them, not in a mean way, but that way that most girls like but pretend not to. Luis is of course the one that’s more different then Alex and Carlos, he believes he has everything under control, and I also see him as a bit shyer then his brothers when it comes to girls, or he just doesn’t act all experienced. What I find interesting about them is that I can’t pick a favorite, Usually with characters I can always pick one that I love a little extra, but not with the Fuentes brothers, I don’t know why, I just love them all.

  51. An-Sofie says:

    I really, really love the Fuentes brothers! Why? Apart from all the obvious reasons they are just like Belgian chocolate: both are considered to be bad for your health but are in fact totally delicious and irresistible!
    Plus, I love their ‘I-am-a-bad-boy-attitude’ ;)!
    So you see, even in Belgium (my country) the Fuentes brothers are famous :).

  52. Stefanie from Germany says:

    OMGGGG… the Fuentes Brothers… Well, they are so hot with their latino look and they have the right mixture of being dangerous and also lovely! Every girl wants to have a boyfriend like that 😉

  53. Amanda Tyczkowski says:

    I absolutely love the Fuentes brothers!! Plain and simple. Also i don’t know how you can read the Perfect Chemistry series and not fall in love with the Fuentes brothers, as infuriating as they are, you will fall. I know I sure as heck did and I wouldn’t change it for anything. For people who know me I do not read but when I started reading the Perfect Chemistry series I could not put it down. By far my favorite books!! The stories are so real life like! An the Fuentes brothers, yes I can say I definitely met some people like them. And I don’t have a problem with that. 🙂

  54. fana moe says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they’re how every girl wants there guy to be;) bad, cute & loving. And I love how your stories can be more relatable; rather than the usual bad boy falls in love with good girl.. Cant wait for the next series! 🙂

  55. Kelsey B. says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because of their family bond. They always stick together and it is definitely shown as you go through the series. They fight like any brothers would but in the end, they have got each others’ backs. I also love how they have a soft side to them. They may be all tough and rugged on the outside but they have the biggest hearts! Oh, and may I add that they are physically quite attractive and their sense of humor gets me every time 😉

  56. I love the Fuentes Brothers because they are my type. Bad boy with good in them. Reminds me of my husband. Caught up living an evil life but found an angel they risk anything for. They protect their girls, but really in a way were rescued by their girls. Love it.

  57. Danielle K says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they were completely unique but relates to some of the guys out here! Although they act all hard on the outside they still have a heart and I completely fell in love with the first book because of this. I love the brothers and the book because the way it is written, makes the reader feel like they are right there watching everything unfold. It’s amazing to do that and I can’t count how many times I relate people I see to the Fuentes brothers.
    The best part about this is that after reading all the books, without even realizing it, I met my own Fuentes brother, without the gang part! And I’m extremely happy.

  58. Imel Cullen says:

    omg! Chain Reaction paperback cover this so beautiful, I love it…
    I haven’t read chain reaction but I love fuentes brother, especially Alex… dangerous & sexy…

  59. Erika says:

    I love them funtes brothers because they came from far away learing the life here nd the differences between life nd love they learn the hard way.but at the end each one of them found true love even if they came from the different view knowing whats right nd wronq knowing anybody can be inove even if they came from the different path but anyway even doez Carlos nd Alex nd Gabriel had a rough past but they never forget they all brothers nd love each other no matter what..I jst love these book a lot because they talk about try live teenager..

  60. Yesenia Torres says:

    I want the book please. I love the Fuentes brothers!!

  61. Viki says:

    I love the Fuentes Brothers because of how important family is to them. the way they are always there for each other, even if they get mad at each other. I absolutely LOVE this book series!!!

  62. Angelia Signorini says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because there is no reason not to love them, and because they are fun, kind and hot.

  63. Ashley Frye says:

    I absolutely love the Fuentes brothers. They each have their own personalities, yet anyone can obviously tell that they are related. The Fuentes fire burns within each of them. They are all feisty with a hidden soft side. These books capture the reader into the Fuentes world making you fall in love with each brother. This is my absolute favorite series of all time. I have referenced these books in many projects, and have even convinced many non-readers to start to read based on these books. I love this series and this would mean the world to me to have an autographed copy. I always look for you on tour, but you never seem to come to my state. One day I will be able to attend a tour.

  64. Katie P. says:

    The reason I love them is because…..well, I love their sense of humor! They are protective, funny, and self-sacrificing–they always choose their family over their own wants (or lives).

  65. Erika says:

    I love the funtes brother cuz they came from far away their coming from and learning the differences of each other knowing their gonn be good or bad in them or just wanna try..knowing the facts theirs live going to chanqe isn’t no easier but they always never forget theirs brother no matter the situation comes to they always got each back too. Finding the perfect gurl nd love but knowing them are different nd grown up a different ppath doesn’t chanqe who they really love…they stold by their side like no other..

  66. Cali says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they are cute and smart enough to get away from the gang that could have killed them. They are also funny and their spanish cracks me up!! 🙂 They are postive role models for teens to stay away from gangs and violence.

  67. Gabriella Sanchez says:

    I love the fuentes brothers because they opened my eyes to what a gang life would be like. When I was younger I wanted to be in a gang just so that I could be a seen as a tough chick and I wouldnt get picked on anymore but reading your books I’m glad I walked away from that life style.. I also love the Fuentes brothers because there not ashamed to be Hispanics. There proud of where they came from and of there culture. I’m a Hispanic my self and I’m proud of where my mother came from. Another reason why i love the Fuentes brothers is because of there mother. She’s a strong women that Raised 3 kids on her own and she looked at what was best for her kids. She reminds me of my mother she raised 5 kids on her own as well. It was tuff growing up sharing rooms not having alot of clothes. I can relate to there stories minus the gang stuff lol well i hope ican win this book. It’s the only one I need 🙂

  68. Anot says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they always put family first. They know that Family is the first thing in life and they will do anything to protect their family.
    about a minute ago · Like

  69. Angelika says:

    They looks like the hot bad boys but they’ve got gently heart.

  70. Amber says:

    I love the fuentes brothers because they are so strong and courageous. They stick together when times get tough.

  71. Maren says:

    Hmm, the fuentes brothers have taught me to read english books, because I could not wait for the german version 😀 The perfect chemistry books where the first english books that I read (voluntarily) in english so I very proud that I understand it and I think I have to say thank you to the fuentes brothers (or rather simone for inventing these wonderful guys) 😉
    Besides that I think they are awesome, I love that they are always there for each other, no matter what happened. And I also love “bad guys” who are in reality very sweet and sensitive and I love that they would do everything for their girls 🙂 And (one more and) it is realy great to see how they get out of the gang stuff.
    Ohh, and I have also learnd some spanish … they are much better than my spanish and english teacher together 😀
    So, thank you guys, you are great teachers!

  72. Ali Rogers says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers for more than one reason. Their mother is one of them, she is strong and loves her boys with a passion only a mother can have. I believe that she taught them about respecting women and family. When you read about the brothers, they have a lot in common. They are fighters. They all have an intense relationship and they learn to accept that the past can’t be changed nor do you have to let it define you. I loved reading about their growth and the challenges they triumphed over. Not only that but I love the Spanish language.

    twitter: rights4zombies

  73. Hillary says:

    I love the fuentes brothers cause one: they fight to be a good person. they have all these bad things/people around them. still they choose to do the good thing. (not always) but they still fight for what they believe in and what they want. two: the way they love they’re girlfriends and each other. they would do anything for each other, they’re mom and they’re girlfriend. three their sense of humor. I mean they are just too funny! When I read what they think or say or things that they do, I have to stop reading laugh and then I can carry on reading. four: the littlle/cute things they do for they’re girlfriends. and ofcourse they are also super hot!

  74. Shana Cohen says:

    First and foremost, the Fuentes Brothers are SEXY! I love them because each of them have their own unique personality traits… and I would want to date all of them 😉 ALL of them. I wish they were real.. gah.

  75. Veronika Briseño says:

    I Love the Fuentes brothers because they ara handsome and even when they are in dengerous situations they find the way to get out of them for them and for love. And when they love someone they give everything for that person. And for some reason I love their Spanglish. I speak Spanish and in the books the Spanish they use is perfect, and make them sound more sexy. I favorite is Carlos Fuentes

  76. Izamari says:

    Hello Simone.
    Why I love the hermaos sources?
    Just because you are the real protagonists I’ve read about. They are not perfect as many protagonists of books. The font is buggy, big mistakes that humans make.

    And tambine, as they come with their errors, also look for ways to fix it exceeds or their trips. They are men who despite maintaining his aura of tough guys, are able to show affection to the person they love. And when you love, give his all.

    I love that they have a band and we, what girl does not love the gang members? xD
    I love that they are proud of themselves, of its good and its bad things.

    I love stories that made ​​me open my literary blog, because without them, I would never even submerged book.

    Thank you very much for the contest Simone

  77. kassandra says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they stick up for each other and fight for the women they love. And i mean who wouldn’t love to have Their own Fuentes(Alex).” Vampire or werewolf? “How about a Alex Fuentes!;)

  78. YA Vampire Books says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they are loyal, caring, funny and hot!

  79. Constance says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they embody what I want in a man. They have their lows and they aren’t perfect but they are hard workers and when it get down to they always pull through and are there for their families and their girl :). It doesn’t hurt either that they are cute and too funny with their macho man way of thinking (so adorable).

  80. Carly says:

    I love the way they treat their girlfriends!

  81. Kim Nguyen says:

    I love the Fuentes brother s for their devotion, commitment, courage, and consideration. They are dedicated to their families, their love ones, and the people who helped them. They love, care for, and protect the ones they hold dear to their hearts beyond their capabilities and even willing to sacrifice themselves. Once they love, they love with all their hearts and everything they have. Once they set their minds to something, they try their hardest and give all their best. And I mean, come one, how could I possible not adore them? You did a pretty good job at making them extremely lovable and too darn sexy and funny. So I thank you.

  82. Harman Kaur says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because their super hot (duh!)and they all have some what a wall built up around them and they use attitude to intimidate people. Their attitudes making them look like jerks, but they are actually the sweetest guys who love with all their heart. They will do anything to protect their loved ones, and that is worth a million.

  83. Traci says:

    i love how devoted they are to each other and the rest of their family, the bonding in the fuentes household is so strong, i envy that relationship. i always wished i had brothers that would look out for me the way they do each other. that’s why i love the fuentes bros!

  84. jazmine says:

    I Love The Fuentes brothers because their Passionate About The Things They Love And Believe In. They Try To Act All Hard But Inside They All Were Battling Themselves. Ever Time I Read The Books I Discover Something New About Them. Like Alex Tried To Make It Seem Like He Want Brittany Fro The Bet But The Truth Was She Helped Him Have Some What Of Closure With His Fathers Death And With Carlos He Tried To Raise Hell Him America To Make People Think His A Bad Ass But The Truth Was He Was Secretly Upset His Family Seen Away It Made Him Feel As If His Family No Longer Loved Him I Haven Read Chain Reaction But I Know For A Fact That Its Going To Be Amazing And I Love To Have This Book With The New Cover And Your Autograph. <3

  85. lesley says:

    I love the Fuentes brother because of the love they have for each other. How no one an break them apart. There a true Mexican family. You live and die with your family.

  86. Beatriz says:

    There are many reasons why I love the Fuentes brothers. First, they have each others back even though they have their differences. Another reason is that I think they are HOT (as described in the books and how they look in the trailer), with their tattoos and piercings. However, most importantly is that they don’t let where they come from and how they look define them. Oh! and lastly they’re Mexican! Lol 😀

  87. Nicole Reisman says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they resemble what the majority of the women want and what most teenagers should look up to. They are smart, funny, hot, loyal, and bad boys which is somewhat what women want in a man. Even though they went through rough times, they had a dream. That dream was to be better than what they were said to be. They ended conquering that dream by ending up doing what they want and who they wanted to be with. My favorite series ever!! <3

  88. Jessica says:

    The reason I love the Fuentes Brothers is there personalities. which girl wouldn’t want a mean tough guy who was only gentle for her? or a guy who speaks Spanish, Spanish is one of the most romantic languages and the Fuentes brothers and funny.

  89. Colleen Melone says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they fight to overcome personal issues in their lives to be with the women they love. They’re sexy AND sweet.

  90. Myriam says:

    I love the fuentes brothers because they are the hottest, cute, most sexy, funny, intelligent… guys in the world ! These books made me believe in love again and i made all my family read all of ur books! now all my sisters and cousins and friends are in love with the fuenetes brothers! it also made me feel more confindent in who i am as a person! plze pick me love u simone come to canada! love u xoxo

  91. Myriam says:

    hey simone i love the fuentes brothers because theyare the sexiest man alive and they are the sweetest! i sware i love them so much i can’t even pick out my favourite one! pick me i would do anything to win! u r the best and u r my inspiration! meeting u will regain my confidence and make me realize i am important and that meeting u or even talking to u would mean the world to me so PICK ME! love u xoxox

  92. Myriam says:

    Also i love the fuenets brothers because when they love someone they give everything for that person. And for some reason I love their Spanglish. I speak Spanish and in the books the Spanish they use is perfect, and make them sound more sexy. Please pick me it would mean thye world to me!

  93. Corina says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they are THE BEST!!!!!! They are all different and unique in their own way, which makes the books more interesting! I like how they are all loyal to their mexican families! I also love them because of that thing that all Fuentes have in their blood that makes them sooo irresistible! I also like them because they can be silly and fun, like when they made up that game…. ‘sigh’, but they will always protect their family and the people they love.

  94. Alissa says:

    The perfect chemistry series is my favorite……and the main reason is because of Alex, Carlos, and Luis!!!!! They are my favorite characters they are funny, awesome, super hot, and they are soooo sweet to Brittany, Kiara, and Nikki……If they were real people i would love to meet them…….they are what every girl wants!!

  95. Yesmy says:

    My Nme is Yesmy and Im currently in my senior year. I got hold of Perfect Chemistry during my junior year in high school by my friend Lorena and since then I felt in love with the Fuentes brothers. The Perfect Chemistry trilogy are amazing books because each one shows a new and different Fuentes brothers. I fell in love with the Fuentes brothers because there stories are unique and full with love. Another reason why I love the Fuentes is the fact that they show what most hispanic families go through in the United Sates due to gang affiliation, but even through all the trouble and suffering they go threw they maintain a strong united family. The Fuentes brothers made me fall in love with them because they have pride in there heritage and are not afraid to show the love they each have for there significant others. These is why I love the Fuentes Brothers !

  96. Leah says:

    The Fuentes brothers are fantastic characters, and you’ve written them extremely well. While reading the Perfect Chemistry series, I feel like I’ve become one of the Fuentes’ family. What I see as the Fuentes brothers’ values–honor, courage, respect, devotion–have become aspects of my life that I can’t let go of. They’ve shown me that, although it may be challenging, I can overcome stereotypes and I can pursue and achieve my goals if I work hard to get what I want. They’ve also helped me to become more interested in my roots, because they stick to and respect their family traditions, and that’s somethings that I admire. Their dedication to helping each other through anything and everything is something that I truly admire.
    Also, they’re attractive. That just had to be said…again. 🙂
    Thank you, Simone, for creating these fantasticly beautiful characters, they’ve helped me through some tough decisions.

  97. Selena says:

    Well personally I love Alex Fuentes! I haven’t been able to read the other books yet because it’s just hard for me to get any of them ): but anyways I love Alex because he reminds me how my life use to be and how gangs can ruin families and the struggles you go through on a daily basis! I think if I would of gotten or even knew about these books when I was younger they would have helped me get through all the hard times I had! I love Alex because he’s a very strong person that actually cares about his family and his future so he try’s in school that’s something I really admire in a person and also how he gave up the gang life for his true love(: I thought that was an amazing thing because usually guys will choose the gang life over the love of there lives….so that is why Alex is my favorite Fuentes brother(: so I hope I can get one of those books because I would really love to read it!!

  98. Sonia Pope says:

    I LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND!!!! and i i’ve been the biggest fan with your books since high school (and that really was ahile ago). So just to say how much i love your books on here is really a great opportunity!.

    Any ways, there are so many reasons why i love the Fuentes brothers!!. Mostly because of their ethnic background; it makes them seem so realistic and exotic and culturally based 9I LOVE THAT). I love that they are family oriented and that they look out for each other, even when their personalities clash. I love the way they treat their girlfriends and the way respect them and everybody else. I love that they have great love for their mother and they all genuinly are caring and compassionate even when they have this tough act on! I love that they argue with their siblings about things that are soo realistic because it reminds me so much about me and my sisters (becuase i too have three sisters and no brothers) and lastly I LOVE THEIR STORIES. Reading each book about their lives has made be both cry, laugh and disagree on things (all things that i LOVE in a book!!!) 🙂

  99. Franchesca says:


  100. Ileana A. says:

    Why I love the Fuentes Brothers? Because they always make me laugh! They’ve a great sense of humor and they are loyal and caring towards their family.

  101. Autumn says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they’re so loyal to everyone they love, especially their family and girlfriends. Family is the most important thing to them and they’ll do anything for them. They’re made out to be reaaaally attractive, which is awesome! They’re so confident in themselves. They’re the best boyfriends out there, but even in the worst situations. They make mistakes but they own up to them and try to fix them as best they can. They don’t expect what they want to just happen, they go and make it happen. They know not everyone will likethem and they’re okay with it. They’re confident enough not to care. They’re everything a girl wants in a guy!

  102. Erica Myers says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they give me hope about love. They are not fictional creatures who are only real to the imagination, they are actual real life boys who are not without flaws but still perfect. They’re perfectly imperfect. They are so loyal to their family and so great to their lady’s that there’s just no way you couldn’t fall in love with them. Readin about them makes me believe that one day I’ll find my very own tattoo wielding knight in shinning armor. Whenever I’m feeling down I just read about one of my Fuentes brothers and the whole world washes away as I become lost with them. It’s rare that I read about and fall more in love with the characters each time I read about them but thats what it’s like for me reading about these amazing guys

  103. Valerie says:

    I absolutely adore this series! The chemistry between the characters hooks my students into reading this books right away! I always tell them that there ARE books written with characters in mind with their culture and their eyes get big when they listen to me read the blurb on the back! I have purchased several copies of all the books and many of them never make it back to my classroom library…for many students it’s the first time they’ve fallen in love with a book.

    I ♥ you and your writing!

  104. Roseanna Gonzalez says:

    I LOVE the Fuentes brothers because they are awesome, charming, and totally lovable. Although, there were several times I wanted to go into the book to give them a piece of my mind when I got frustrated with them. I also love these brothers and the books because after starting to read avidly at an early age they are the best I’ve ever come across. I loved them so much I’ve introduced all my friends to them.

  105. Rachel McDonald says:

    The teens I work with love the Fuentes brothers because they are “sooo hot.” I showed the book trailers to local high school classes and some of the girls actually screamed!

  106. Paige Dominguez says:

    I was going to make a big explanation on why I love the Fuentes brothers, but I can’t find a small, simple, and good reason on why I love the Fuentes brothers. There are too many reason why I love the brothers, and I can’t pick just one. One reason I love them is because they make me have hope for some guys that I know that are kind of like the Fuentes before they got their act together, and I really hope they can end up like the Fuentes brothers do someday. All I can do is have hope that they do.

  107. Aik says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers because they are bad boys with good hearts. They make me fall in love with teenage romance novels.

  108. Leilani Lopez says:

    Ive always loved them! All of the boys are there own unique “bad boy” I love how each of them chose a girl that they wouldn’t normally choose. They’ve all grown so much as characters and I love how you can see that on the three books. I also feel a little connected by my Mexican heritage. Though I speaks zero Spanish like Nikki! I’m working on it though. These boys are the books I read over and over because I simply love them.


  109. Lilith says:

    the Fuentes brothers are dreamy brothers for every girl out there. every girl reading the book wishes that they were in the position of that girl that one of the brothers would be chasing after. they are tough but sweet and romantic at heart when it comes to girls. they are loveable and their charming. no girl could get enough of them and just reading about them makes a girl feel special.

  110. I love the Fuentes brothers because they know what they want. Alex wants Brittany, so he gets her. Carlos wants Kiera, so he gets her. And Luis wants Nikki, so he gets her, too. Sure, there are lots of other things that happen in between and whatnot, but they still do everything to get what they want in the end, and I love that about them. Especially Carlos. 😉


  111. melissa(bookweirdo) says:

    I love the Fuentes brothers not just because they are great individual. They have all had to go through their own troubles in life and in relationships and through their strengths are able to come out ahead. This is not to say they do it all on their own because they get help and are willing to accept when they need which shows their great characters.

  112. Aarthi says:

    I love all 3 Fuentes brothers as they each are not only hot and sexy, cocky, strong but are also loyal, hold a sense of brotherhood and loyalty to their family heritage. Not only do we fall in love with them because of their personalities, behaviours and attitudes, we also learn to value life from them and learn about taking pride in what we do, who we are, our culture, family and friends.

  113. I love the Fuentes brothers because they are loyal to their true friends. I especially loved how they were all strong enough to leave their gang and not go back. I also loved how they were each unique inpersonality.

  114. Natalie says:

    Wel..i love the Fuentes Brothers because they changed my perspective on boys. They were so bad, but when they really loved someone they did everything for them. They are careing for their family and for the girls they loved. They show there is more than the appearence and that they were willing to change for love .

  115. Chris Ripley says:

    LOVE the entire chain reaction series. Simone does a perfect job of writing the relationship build-up between the two main characters. Can’t wait for her next book!

  116. Courtney Sloane says:

    I love The Fuentes Brothers, because of how wonderful you, Simone, sculpted out their characters. Each part of Alex, Carlos, and Luis`s lives were intricately sketched out in conflict, strong, descriptive detail, and believable, unexpected events. Surprises waited beneath each chapter and I found myself devouring page after page; a newly discovered appetite to see what would happen next. The way you carefully built up a story line around these troubled young men trying to grow up without a male role model, in a dangerous location, attemping to keep a straight path,truly made me feel for The Fuentes Brothers. I felt as though they would be ringing my doorbell any second. (A door I would DEFINETLY NOT be forgetting to answer!)Simone, all of your books are SO amazing! You`re such a spectacular writer and you`ve been so inspirational to me! I`m working on reading the Perfect Chemistry Series for the 7th time and each book gets better with each read! I just can`t seem to live without The Fuentes Brothers! They have surely become part of my life and I intend to keep them there! Fuentes Brothers Forever!

  117. sarah says:

    How can you not love the fuentez brothers. Alex, carlos and luis are tough, sexy and every girls dream. They are loyal to there mother. You can always tell how a persons character is by the way they treat there mother. And the fact that they are strong enough to leave the gang and dont bow down to pure pressure. These books brought me back to reading and along with me all my sisters.

  118. Paola Felchas says:

    Hi!. I love the Fuentes brothers because they tell a life story like if it was real. Their cases are hard, but they turn it in opportunities to go on and be better people. I want to win that contest because in my country I can’t get any copy of your books, Simone, and I love every book that you write. I’m a loyal fan of your books. To end, greetings from Colombia, there are many people that want you and read you Simone, hugs!!!

  119. Briana says:

    I love all of your books because you take the time to build the characters up and show both the good and the bad about them. You not only tell a story but you teach lessons.

  120. buzzy says:

    what is the ae difference between the brothers????

  121. No offense. I love this cover. But I would have rather have the old cover. I have a complete/incomplete set. I searched B&N’s, Amazon, Book Depository and I can’t find the old cover to fully complete my set. 🙁 Why change perfect????

  122. emily says:

    I love the fuentes brothers and just an idea you should reconsider continuing them mabey it coud be about the children fuentes of Aleijandro,luis,carlo. the really kept me going i was so bum when you stoped. I even got my mother reading them the only one i dont own is Rules Of Attraction. but i think you should continue the fuentes family. I have read them more than 10 times litteraly i love the fuentes family the remind me of mi familia.
    sincerely emily please reply Simone Elkeles

  123. emily says:

    I love the fuentes brothers and just an idea you should reconsider continuing them mabey it coud be about the children fuentes of Aleijandro,luis,carlo.

    sincerely emily please reply Simone Elkeles

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